Publicity Division

Conservatives Need to Fight the Battle Through TV/Radio/Newspaper/
Internet Media!
  We need to pull together to drown out liberal voices and agenda’s with the sanity of the truth, nation and worldwide!  Whether your fight is for the family or purely political, we CAN win this battle to take our country back.  We need to stand up to fight for economic, political, immigration, the family/abortion and gay marriage, education, defense, the constitution and everything the culture and the Obama administration is in the process of taking and has already taken from us.

Angel Pictures & Publicity’s Publicity Division publicizes conservative Authors/Books, Causes, News Worthy Issues, Pundits, Expert Commentators, Major Motion Pictures, TV Shows, Documentaries, Economists, Presidential and Political Candidates, Grass Roots Organizations, Products and more.

Our press relationships and contacts data base are comprised of almost every media contact in the US and most media contacts throughout every continent in the world. We cover close to all TV and Radio News and Entertainment Broadcast shows, journalists, contributors, correspondents and print media. These relationships and our system are used in order to secure interview bookings on TV and Radio and also op-ed placement and publishings in all forms of print media, including Newspapers, Magazines, Internet Media/Sites and the Blogosphere.

We have an estimated data base of hundreds of thousands of US, plus additional hundreds of thousands of international media contacts and over 300,000 media outlets containing media decision makers such as producers, assignment editors, hosts/anchors, bookers, print and internet content editors, bloggers and more who have the decision making power to place a guest on a show or publish your “works”.

We have secured appearances and repeat appearances for our clients on thousands of shows, print placements and mentions of which a small sampling is as follows: FOX Business Network including Stuart Varney, FOX News Channel including O’Reilly Factor, American Live with Megyn Kelly, Fox and Friends, Your World with Neil Cavuto, The Sean Hannity Show,, Fox News Watch, White House EOP/WHO Executive Office of the President Communications, Glenn Beck, IRN-USA, CNN, Lou Dobbs, BBC World News , many shows on MSNBC including The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd, Family Life Networks, Newstalgia (Australia), ABC News, Butler on Business, NPR, C-Span, PBS, WorldNetDaily, Crosspoint, Current TV, LA Times, Janet Parshall’s America, The Rusty Humphries Show, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, American Perspective, Chad Groening, Yahoo News, The Washington Times,, Military Magazine, Times, The Hill, New York Post, The Washington Post, CNN Belief Blog, The Associated Press, Denver Post, The Daily Caller, Wall Street Journal,,,, Freedom Watch (FNC) with Judge Andrew Napolitano,, Charisma, Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Fairness Radio, Magazine, The Mike Huckabee Television Show, USA Today, The Arizona Republic, Montel Across America, BBC Radio 4, Reuters, Sunday Radio (UK), Focus On The Family, BlogTalkRadio, The Huffington Post, The Guetzloe Report, Chicago Tribune, The Laura Ingraham Show, World News – Russian, Real Time with Bill Maher, AOL News, FoxNewsLive, ESPN, National Review, CNN’s In the Arena, The Thom Hartmann Show, The G. Gordon Liddy Show, American Family Radio, Town Hall, Clear Channel, NewsMax TV, America’s Radio News Network, Micelle Malkin Blog, The John Stossel Show, CNBC World Network, The Andrea Tantaros Show, The Geraldo Rivera Show, Nancy Grace, Raising America, HLN. POLITICO, Fox News Radio, Larry King Now, The Dick Morris Show, Special Report with Bret Baier, Roll Call, Sports Byline USA, Damage Control and Crisis Communications services for an Iran/Contra entity, Drudge Report, Breitbart News Network, Justice with Judge Jeanine – Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily, Fox NewsEdge bureau in Los Angeles, The Cal Thomas Show, The Laura Ingraham Show, Liz Claman Show on Fox Business Network, The Peter Schiff Show, The Wall Street Journal This Morning, The Wall Street Journal This Weekend, NPR, Daily Show with Trevor Noah – Comedy Central, Damage Control and Crisis Communications services for an Iran/Contra entity, Pittsburgh Now – PCNC/Pittsburgh Cable News Channel, Fox News Channel special with Bill Hemmer “Medical Mishaps”,, Investor’s Business Daily, The Daily Beast, BBC/British Broadcasting Corporation, Chris Hayes Show, MSNBC, CNBC Business News,, Rush Limbaugh, olitiFact, CBS Morning News, Neil Cavuto, Fox Business Network, FOX Report, (Atlanta), Forbes Online, Conservative Review, The Savage Nation with Michael Savage, LifezetteTV, Reuters – USA and countless more.

We also possess a highly credentialed writing division for the purposes of writing op-eds and releases specifically formed to draw all press.

Here’s a small sampling of just a few of Angel Picture & Publicity’s clients:

  • There Be Dragons, (In Production) Feature film, written and directed by Roland Joffe’, Starring  Charlie Cox, Wes Bentley and Dougray Scott. Arising out of the horror of the Spanish Civil War, a candidate for canonization is investigated by a journalist who discovers his own estranged father had a deep, dark and devastating connection to the saint’s life.
  • Copenhagen/Denmark Climate Change Conference: Fighting the false “science” leading up to Cap and Trade/Climate Change/Global Warming.  Media speakers include: Lord Christopher Monckton, S. Fred Singer, H. Leighton Steward, Steven Milloy, David Rothbard, Craig Rucker, Manuel de Araujois and Australian Senator Steve Fielding.
  • Marc Morano, credentialed expert contributor on the mythology of Global Warming/Climate ChangeFormer head of GOP Environment committee and worked closely with Senator Inhoff.  His website is
  • Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., passionate fighter against government takeover of health care in the proposed Health Care “Reform” that seeks to eliminate or penalize private options. Has appeared regularly on the highest rated TV and radio shows in the US to educate the public on this issue. Dr. Vliet is also an author of 6 books and a Health Contributor for NewsMax Magazine.
  • Brad O’Leary and his books, “The Audacity of Deceit, Barack Obama’s War On American Values” and “Shut Up America! The End of Free Speech”
  • American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, and National Doctor’s Tea Party
  • The Book “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? The Mormon Church Versus The Office Of The Presidency of the United States of America” (Click Here to Purchase)
  • Kathryn DeBrecht, author of “Help Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!”,
  • “Help Mom! Hollywood’s In My Hamper!”. Current book release: “Help Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country!”
  • Several former Presidential and current Congressional Candidates
  • “The Stoning of Soraya M.”,  Major Motion Picture, producer Steve McEveety (The Passion of The Christ), director Cyrus Nowrasteh (The Path to 9/11)
  • The documentary theatrically released movie, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, starring Ben Stein
  • AAPS (Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc.) Publicize various physicians within the association (against) government healthcare initiative.
  • The movie, “The Ten Commandments” staring Christian Slater, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina and Elliott Gould
  • Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution, a controversial documentary film that reveals the truth about the history of the civil rights of Black Americans.
  • Former NRA President, Sandra Froman’s national media appearances in support for Sarah Palin
  • Dr. Alveda King (Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King), Pastors On Abortion and Health Care, and Priests For Life
  • Kill Malarial Mosquitoes NOW! A Declaration of the Informed and Concerned
  • Judge Roy Moore, Gubernatorial candidate for state of Alabama
  • Women Stump For Trump bus tour campaign
  • More….