Angel Pictures & Publicity is a multifaceted company that provides services to:

  • Conservative pundits, issue oriented experts, political candidates, authors, major motion picture companies, grassroots leaders, specialists and product companies who desire to get their ideas, issues, books, feature films, documentaries, causes and products publicized (discussed on air) through the “earned news media”. If your efforts are newsworthy, Angel Pictures & Publicity can publicize them to and through National TV, Radio, Newspaper, Internet and the Blogosphere, both nationwide and worldwide. Please go to the Publicity Division link at the left side of this page to learn more.
  • Major Motion Picture Companies and producers who desire to acquire casting services for their films.  Keep in mind that we have the capability to both cast your film and supply publicity services, as well, in order to drive maximum ticket sales at the box office and video release sales.  Please go to the Movie/Film Casting link at the left side of this page to learn more.